Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 25

1 Mile Kettlebell Walk Challenge

I’m having a difficult time writing this blog post, my forearms are on fire.  Let me explain why..   My brother Dylan came up with an interesting exercise challenge. Grab your 55 pound Kettlebell and walk with it for a mile. I immediately realized how ancestral this exercise was. Our hunter-gatherer forefathers were constantly carrying …

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Sep 06

How to Eat Paleo at Chipotle’s

  Does starting the Paleo Diet mean you have to give up eating at Chipotle’s? Certainly not.  Here’s how to do it.       1. Order the salad 2. Tell them you don’t want any rice or beans, but please give me lots of fajitas! 3. Pick out your choice of meat 4. Go …

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Sep 05

Top Ten Tribal Principles

    Here are the Top Ten principles of the Tribal Way in order to live a life endowed with a sense of vitality and well-being.       1.  Foster Close Social Bonds. Our ancestors grew up in small bands of people who counted on each other for their survival. Contemporary studies on well-being …

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