How to Eat Paleo at Chipotle


Does starting the Paleo Diet mean you have to give up eating at Chipotle? Certainly not.  Here’s how to do it.




1. Order the salad

2. Tell them you don’t want any rice or beans, but please give me lots of fajitas!

3. Pick out your choice of meat

4. Go for the tomato salsa

5. No cheese thanks

6. Add some Guacamole

7. And you are done. A relatively inexpensive quick Paleo meal at Chipotle.

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  1. Read this on another blog:

    “Please note that they do saute their veggies in Soybean-oil, so technically not “Paleo”. But with that said, I eat the exact meal described every time I go, though I go ahead and spring for the extra meat, and it is delicious. “

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