The 10-Minute Hotel Room Workout

Here is a simple workout that I came up with while staying in a tiny one room cabin in the middle of the woods during a meditation retreat. It requires very little space, and no exercise equipment. So it’s perfect for when you are traveling, only have a few minutes to spare, or can’t get to the gym.

3 Sets of:

10 reps of one-legged squats, each leg.

40 push-ups.

One minute rest in between sets.


Easier Version

3 Sets of:

25 squats

25 push-ups

One minute rest in between sets.


Female Version

3 Sets of:

15 squats

15 knee push-ups

One minute rest in between sets.


2 Replies to “The 10-Minute Hotel Room Workout”

  1. Ken says you are forgetting about dips. I do not think I can do 40 push ups 3times in4 minutes. I do not know many people who can ! LOL. Seriously that is 120 push-ups over a 10 minute period. Ken cannot do that either. I guess I would modify if I decide I need to work out in my hotel room.

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