Video of the Happy Tribal Islanders of Tanna

Here is a video I edited from the television show “Meet the Natives” (both the UK and US version).  The premise of the show was to go a remote Island in the South Pacific to meet a bunch of tribal people still living in ignorance of the modern world. The show’s producers would then fly these natives around the U.S and U.K and see what they thought about our modern life.

While they obviously learned a lot about our culture, I think we learned even more from them, and what they had to say about the way we live is FASCINATING.



Here are just a few of the many things that I love about this video..

0:45  – The infectious excitement of this old man.  “Ehh seoo seoo deooo! Ehh seoo seoo deoo!!”

0:57 – The village has a designated ‘Happy Man’, whose job is to go around and make sure everyone is in a good mood.

1:36 – Their one piece of clothing is called a ‘penis sheath’.

3:05 – Their absolute shock that people in modern times don’t walk around smiling and happy. This is telling, they find it shocking that people aren’t friendly and happy? Like..What is going on here? Just goes to show that their normal day is filled with good cheer.

4:50 – Kuai jokes that he is only helping his friend build a house so that they can drink the psychedelic root Kava afterwards.

6:35 – Tribal man reveals his secret of happiness.

7:10 – After seeing all the wonders of modern technology, their final conclusion is that the English should go back to living a more traditional life.








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