The $5 a day Poverty Paleo Diet

I’ve been eating Paleo since 2009, and have even written a book on living a Paleo lifestyle. I’d say the question I get asked the most from friends and readers alike is..”How can I eat a Paleo/Whole Foods/natural diet without breaking the piggy bank?” So I’ve created a Poverty Paleo Diet that ..

  1. Costs around $5 a day
  2. Gives you 2000 calories (you can alter based on gender/size/weight goals). Most diets that are cheaper, like the ones that claim 1.50 a day, give you a measly 900 calories. Those are scams.
  3. Meets all your essential vitamin and nutrient needs.
  4. Contains enough protein to lift like Arnold.
  5. Has a limited amount of ingredients, so you don’t have to a super chef or waste time cooking. This is for the cheap and lazy!

Your Shopping List.

Sweet Potatoes


Spring mix lettuce

Chicken Thighs

Chicken Liver

Canned Tuna/Sardines

Canned/Frozen Pink Salmon


Chia Seeds

EVOO + Vinegar

Pork Chops

Broccoli/Carrots/Cauliflower – Frozen in one bag, or fresh



Sample Meal Plan


3 egg scramble with onions, spinach and salmon. Side of sweet potato


2 oz Spring mix salad with chia seeds, EVOO + vinegar and 1 chicken thigh and couple pieces of chicken liver.



2 Pork Chops

Sweet Potato

1 cup mixed veggies (broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower)

This sample meal plan meets all essential vitamins and nutrients, gives you 158 grams of protein, is super high in Omega 3’s, relatively low in saturated fat, and high in fiber. You can switch up your meats and fishes on different days, add some nuts and berries if you want to spend a couple extra bucks.

Let me know if you have any questions. Also, if you are able to make an even cheaper version, please let us know!

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