This blog is run by two brothers, Jevan and Dylan.


I graduated with a B.A in Philosophy in 2006, and received my M.A in Brain and Behavior Research in 2011. The subject of my Master thesis was on an evolutionary understanding of the underpinnings of human health and mental well-being.

Professionally, I am currently a Brain Trainer, which is kind of like being a physical therapist but for people who have cognitive disabilities.














I graduated from the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce with concentrations in IT and Finance.  While currently employed as a financial analyst, I am seeking natural ways to live healthier and happier in the modern world.

I have been eating paleo since 2010 and have incorporated more natural exercise routines and lifts into my daily regimen.  I participate in crossfit, triathlons and cycling races.

Favorite breakfast:  Egg scramble with peppers, onions, bacon and chipotle spices

Favorite lunch: Mixed green salad with broccoli and salmon

Favorite dinner: Spaghetti Squash with vegetable marinara and chicken and beef meatballs






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