Tribal Way 101

Your 1 minute Introduction to The Tribal Way

If you are like most people, you believe that today is the best time to be alive.  How lucky you are to be born in the modern age with all our technological advancement! You’ve recently caught yourself saying things like “How did people survive before cell phones? Do you remember what life was like before the internet? Or how did anyone find anything without GPS?” And these are all technologies invented within the last few decades! Can you even imagine life before supermarkets? What if you had to wake up in the morning  to scour the plains of Africa in search of food? Undoubtedly, life is better now than it was for our loin-cloth wearing hunter-gatherer ancestors, right?


A plethora of scientific data suggests that our ancient ancestors, particularly those who lived in nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes enjoyed a health and well-being far beyond what we even think feasible in the 21st century.  These tribal societies were free of the majority of diseases that plague modern civilizations. Ailments such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, depression, poor-eye sight, cavities, stress, and even the common cold were unknown to the people we call “cavemen”.

Instead of toiling away at life, our hunter-gatherer ancestors worked no more than 15 hours a week and spent the majority of the their time in leisurely pursuits such as singing, dancing and telling stories.  All in all, they lived their 70+ years of life in great health, at one with their natural surroundings, and free from care or worry. Literally.

Times have changed, but all is not lost. The Tribal Way is a website geared to the exploration of how to regain the natural lifestyles of our ancestors amidst the helter-skelter of the modern world.

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